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Blog Tour-Review For Wicked Impulse by Chelle Bliss

Wicked Impulse Cover

Wicked Impulse
Chelle Bliss
Releases December 13th

There’s only one thing worse than dating a friend’s sister–sleeping with his mother.

Fran DeLuca’s known for her bossy, overbearing personality almost as much as for her love of nylon tracksuits. But when someone runs off with fifty thousand dollars, she becomes involved in an ALFA investigation and catches the eye of silver fox biker, Bear.

Bear North, ALFA’s resident bad boy, has never thought of Fran as anything more than his buddy’s mom. When she trades in her elastic pants and orthopedic tennis shoes for a pair of skintight jeans and high heels, he takes notice of the fifty-something MILF.

When the money trail leads closer to Fran than expected, Bear takes charge of the investigation and will do anything to protect her. Can Bear track a thief, claim Fran, and keep Morgan DeLuca in the dark long enough to solve the case?

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Audiobook releases on December 13th too!

When I’m looking for something not paranormal Chelle Bliss is one of my fav go to authors. I’ve read the first two books in the ALFA Private Investigations series and totally fell in love with the story.

Bear is all about hitting and quitting women, not trying to leave a lasting impression. He has demon’s to work through and they keep riding his back, when it prolly be easier to confront them. (Stubborn male) He’s lucky in the friends that he has, he may not be the young gun he used to be but still holds in own in his job.

Fran is someones mom, but isn’t everyone one? Laughs yeah tell her over protective son that. Fran has made some hard choices in her life but as she sees it they were the right choice, well all but one and that mess she’s bound to see it through to the end. Her friends right by her side with helpful suggestions that include dating.

New digs and same attitude I absolutely loved Fran her personality was righteous. Loved the interaction with her son. Bear was like awesome and stuffs, even within his own bit of dark he came out a strong sincere all about it male.

Some hot scenes, some mystery and suspense, a mixture of emotions and a great story!

Daria gives Wicked Impulse

**** – 4 Awesome Stars


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Chelle Bliss, USA Today Bestselling author, currently lives near the Gulf of Mexico, but hates sand.
She’s a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, and coffee fiend.
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Blog Barrage For Ares (Guardians of Hades Book 1) by Felicity Heaton

guardiansofhades-aresAres, book 1 in New York Times best-seller Felicity Heaton’s hot new paranormal romance series, Guardians of Hades, is now available in ebook and paperback. To celebrate the release of Ares and Megan’s romance, she’s holding a FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY and sharing sneak peeks of the book.

Enter the ARES international giveaway (ends December 11th) and be in with a shot of winning a $75, $50 or $25 gift certificate by using the Rafflecopter form at her website, where you can also download a 4 chapter sample of the novel:

Here’s more about the book and the sexy Greek god hero and his heroine…

Ares (Guardians of Hades Series Book 1)
Felicity Heaton
Prince of the Underworld and Lord of Fire, Ares was banished from his home by his father, Hades, two centuries ago and given a new duty and purpose—to keep our world and his from colliding in a calamity foreseen by the Moirai.

Together with his six brothers, he fights to defend the gates to the Underworld from daemons bent on breaching them and gaining entrance to that forbidden land, striving to protect his home from their dark influence. Caged by the manifestation of his power, held apart from those he loves by his own fire and starved of physical contact, Ares lives a cold existence driven by duty and the desire to return to his world.

Until his world collides with a daemon who steals his power and a mortal female who shatters the ice around his heart and awakens the true fire within him—a soul-stirring passion both dangerous and seductive.

Megan has wandered far from her home, driven from everyone she loves by the devastating realisation that she is different to them all. Unsure who to trust in the world, she keeps to herself, until a fateful stormy night brings a temptingly handsome warrior crashing into her life and into her heart—a warrior who seems to hold powers more frightening and marvellous than her own.

When the New York gate comes under threat, and Ares is put to the test, will he choose his duty and regain the power he needs in order to save his world or will he choose the desires of his heart and sacrifice his fire so he can be with the woman becoming his whole world?

ARES is available from Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBooks stores and other retailers. Also available in paperback. Find the links to your preferred retailer at:


ARES – Excerpt

Ares hoofed it through Central Park, pursuing the daemon who had made a break for it. The bastard accelerated, cutting through the patchy darkness ahead of him, and Ares pushed harder, ignoring the burn in his legs, his focus locked on his target. The lamps illuminating the path at intervals flickered over him as he sprinted, intent on running down the daemon before he escaped. Those same lights flashed over the daemon’s back, dull as they hit the dark hood of his sweatshirt but bright on the back of his leather jacket.

The slim male veered left, crashed through the undergrowth and broke out onto one of the park’s dark open fields.

Ares swore under his breath in the mortal tongue and followed him. He wasn’t in the mood to play tag, not tonight. While he enjoyed toying with his prey, he had already done that once tonight with two daemons. Blood still slid down his chest, trickling from his wounds as he moved, and dripped from the gashes on his forearms, tainting his senses with the metallic scent. He’d also had a damn good scrap with another daemon.

Number four here wasn’t going to get off so lightly. When he got his hands on the man, he was going to rip him apart.

Four daemons.

The bastards were getting cocky and persistent.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had fought so many in a single night.

Keras’s observations were wrong. The daemons were up to something and tonight proved it, and he was going to enjoy rubbing his older brother’s nose in it when he next saw him.

Ares grinned, shut out the way a thousand white-hot needles pricked his left arm with each stride, and sprinted after the remaining daemon. The man switched tactics and zigzagged towards a lake in the distance. Was he a water type? Ares hadn’t fought one of those in decades and he didn’t want to fight one tonight.

He hated water.

It really messed with his fire.

Every instinct screamed to pin the daemon down before he could reach the water.

Ares knew he shouldn’t listen to it and should conserve his energy and keep running instead. That was the sensible course of action, the one a seasoned warrior like himself should take. He needed the rest of his strength in case these weren’t the only daemons looking to pick a fight with him tonight. His mission to protect the city and the gate took priority, and he shouldn’t need to use the full extent of his powers to eliminate a single daemon.

The man began to pull away.

Ares huffed.

Keras would tear him a new one about this, pointing out that he was still rash despite his years, but he was damned if he was going to let the bastard douse him.

Ares focused on a point near the lake and the world whirled into darkness. When it came back, he stood between the dark water and his opponent.

He caught a glimpse of the daemon’s face, enough to clock a small goatee and the irritated twist of his lips as he spotted him.

The daemon skidded into a turn. His hood fell back to reveal messy short pale hair and he lost his footing. His right hand hit the damp grass and he pushed off, shooting away from Ares.

Ares cursed him again. He should have used his ability to step closer to him rather than going for the lake. As much as he wanted to teleport on top of the bastard and slam him into the ground, the last one had left him shaky and he knew his body. He couldn’t waste any more of his energy.

A twinge of pain shot down his left arm and he grimaced as he grabbed it and rolled his shoulder, cracking it back into place. He spat blood out onto the grass, huffed and focused on the pitch-black park. Clouds boiled above it, dark and foreboding, and the wind carried the scent of rain. Above that scent rose another—the coppery odour of daemon.


The slippery little bastard was heading back towards the gate.

Ares kicked off and bolted in that direction, his insides swirling with the weird burning sensation he experienced whenever a full-blooded daemon was nearby. He followed the feeling as it grew stronger, leading him towards his prey. He was closing in. Had the daemon stopped running?

Rocks rose ahead of him, silhouetted by the lights from a path that ran behind them. Perhaps the daemon was trying to hide from him in the shadows. Or was he waiting to attack?

Another blast of heat ricocheted down the length of his arm and he ground his teeth against it. He could rest up and heal soon enough. Eliminating this daemon took priority.

He rounded the rocks and the swirling sensation inside him disappeared.

He frowned and quietly moved forwards, not trusting his senses. The daemon couldn’t be gone. He had to be here somewhere.

Ares scoured the darkness, squinting to see into the shadows. Thunder rumbled in the distance and rolled across the city, echoing between the skyscrapers. He lapped the rocks three times, even scaled them and walked between them. No trace of the daemon.

It wasn’t possible.

Unwilling to give up, he did one more lap.


The bastard was gone.

He sat on one of the lower boulders and spat more blood out onto the path under his boots. Keras was really going to rip him a new one now. Ares couldn’t remember the last time he had failed to eliminate a daemon and the taste of defeat was bitter on his tongue.

How had the daemon escaped?

The only logical conclusion was teleportation.

A daemon that could teleport?

Coupled with the strength the man had displayed during their brief tangle, it set him on edge. He had witnessed the carnage that a single strong daemon was capable of and it wasn’t pretty. He drew in a slow breath to settle the growing rage in his blood as he shoved his right hand through the tangled lengths of his dark hair, pushing it back from his face. That sort of violence wasn’t about to hit his city. He wouldn’t allow any mortal to fall prey to this daemon.

He flexed his fingers and stared into the darkness, gathering his strength. It was a waiting game now and he had to take advantage of whatever small amount of time the daemon gave him before he popped back up on Ares’s internal radar. He would tend to his wounds, regain some strength, and prepare himself. The daemon would make himself known again tonight. No doubt about that. He knew that Ares was injured and would take advantage of it.

Ares closed his eyes and tipped his head back. Thunder grumbled again, miles from the city but closing in fast.

His night had been going so well.

He had grabbed a pizza and had lined up a string of action movies, and had planned to polish his motorcycle and maybe take the engine apart too and clean it. A good night. Then he had felt the gate calling. He cursed it too and pushed off from the rock. One wasted pizza and four daemons in one night. He needed to tell his brothers because he was sure that the fiends were up to something, and he didn’t like it.

He trudged back through Central Park, following the dimly lit path that led towards where the gate remained hidden from the mortal realm.

The first two daemons had been acting as a couple out for a midnight stroll in the park. It was always easy to spot young daemons. They flouted the rules and ignored their elders’ warnings about Ares and his brothers. They wanted to be the ones to do what those elders couldn’t and successfully make it through the gate to the Underworld.

They quickly learned their lesson.

Nothing slipped past him or his brothers.

He took his mission to protect the New York gate to the Underworld seriously and that meant any daemon within his city’s boundaries was a dead daemon.

The two had fallen easily enough, little more than a warm up for what had come at him next.

The moment he had met the female Hellspawn in the park as arranged and had completed the ritual to unlock the gate, causing it to materialise in this world so she could pass through, another daemon had come out of nowhere and tried to hitch a ride to the Underworld.

Ares left the path and stalked across the wet grass, his gaze fixed on the darkness where the gate remained hidden. The taste of blood in his mouth, the pain burning in his muscles, and the white-hot lacerations on his chest and arms, all of it combined to darken his mood until he was glaring towards the gate with violence back on his mind.

The female daemon had been stronger than he had anticipated and she had fought like a rabid beast once she had realised the gate would close before she could escape him and make it to the Underworld. She had screeched and clawed at him, and had even come close to sinking fangs into his flesh.

He had crushed her in the end, but not before taking some damage.

Damage that had put him firmly in the frame of mind for some payback against all daemons, but with no sign of one on his senses, he had focused on closing the gate so he could make his way home.

That was when he had met the fourth daemon. The one who had got away.

Ares growled under his breath, his anger directed towards himself now.

That daemon had casually strolled past him on one of the paths through the park and had paid no attention to Ares or the gate, even though it had still been visible at the time. It was almost as though the daemon had thought he could slip by unnoticed. Impossible.

They had clashed and the man had given him a taste of power that had caught Ares off guard. He had been far stronger than Ares had anticipated, his power beyond the level of any daemon he’d had the pleasure of battling in the past century. It was rare for a daemon of that age and level to go anywhere near one of the gates and that was why he had pursued him when he had turned tail and bolted. A daemon that strong was dangerous and he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was bad news, the harbinger of an event that oracles had foreseen centuries ago.

He needed to tell Keras and the others.

With the gate closed and safe, and no sign of his prey in the park, Ares turned north towards his apartment.

The storm in the distance grew louder and he caught a flash of lightning out of the corner of his eye.

His mood degenerated.


The perfect end to a perfect fucking night.

The first fat drops fell, hissing and evaporating before they hit his bare skin but soaking into his black t-shirt. Those drops rose as steam from his shoulders. He hated the rain. It was up there with daemons, that disgusting feeling that they gave him, and Hellspawn who called him out to the gate and never thanked him for opening it.

Like the woman tonight.

He huffed and quickened his pace, hoping to make it back to his apartment on foot before the rain really kicked in. He could teleport himself there, but not without draining more of what little energy he had left, and he needed to conserve as much of that as possible. He reached his exit and crossed the street, mind fixed on the daemon who had got away.

What had he wanted with the gate?

Ares wasn’t about to fall for his feigned disinterest. The man was up to something and he wanted to know what it was, and he would find out before dawn broke.

The rain grew heavier, hammering the pavement and the parked cars along the road, and he moved closer to the tall brick buildings, seeking what little shelter he could find. Heavy rain was not his friend, especially when he was in a foul mood, barely retaining control over his power. It broke through the heat that constantly surrounded him and evaporated when it hit his skin.

Nothing drew mortals’ attentions like a steaming man.

A yellow taxi drove by, headlights cutting through the downpour and tyres whooshing as they sprayed water over the cars parked along the street. He tipped his head back, watching the droplets fall and sparkle in the streetlights. He wanted a shower but not this sort.

It was still another block and a half to his apartment and he wanted to be home, in the dry. He would patch himself up, throw on some fresh clothes, arm himself and use the time to centre himself again so he could pull back control over his power. Control he badly needed.

When the daemon returned, he would be ready to deal with him.

It wouldn’t be the first time he had gone into battle injured and drained, and it wouldn’t even be the worst. Life in the mortal world was making him soft. He had once battled a legion of daemons with one arm broken and several arrows lodged in his left thigh, and he had decimated them.

Ares smiled. The good old days. It had been centuries since he had gone to war together with his brothers, unleashing the hunger for violence and destruction that made the god his parents had named him after so proud of him.

He focused and the street whirled and disappeared, replaced by his apartment. He flicked the light on, illuminating the pale coffee-coloured walls and dark furniture in the open plan kitchen and living room. He looked down at his boots and the puddle already forming around them on his wooden floor, and toed them off and kicked them into the kitchen on his right. They tumbled across the tiled floor, hit one of the oak cupboards and stopped. He reached over his shoulder with his right hand, grabbed the back of his ruined wet black t-shirt, pulled it over his head and tossed it onto the tiles with his boots.

The water around his feet evaporated, steam curling off his already drying black jeans. He needed to get his mood in check before something bad happened.

He closed his eyes and drew in several deep breaths, holding each one before slowly expelling the air, and reined in his temper together with his power, restoring the usual rigid control he kept over it and stopping his flames from emerging. The heat that always surrounded him settled to a more manageable, and safer, level, and he released another breath, this one more a sigh of relief. The last thing he wanted to do tonight was set his apartment on fire. Again. It had been a shitty enough night without that added cherry on top.

When he felt calm enough to maintain control over his fire, he walked into the open living room and pushed the second door in the wall to his left open. He switched the bathroom light on, turned and frowned at his reflection in the mirrored wall on his left above the vanity unit and sink.

He looked like hell.

The female daemon had done a number on him. Long gashes darted across his chest and forearms where she had caught him with her claws. He touched the deepest one of the three on his pectorals and beads of blood broke to the surface.

He frowned and the gold flecks in his eyes darkened to red, glowing against their earthy brown backdrop.

The daemon shouldn’t have been able to land a single blow on him, let alone several. He had been too complacent tonight. He had been dealing with low level daemons for so long that he had forgotten there were stronger ones out there, just waiting for him to drop his guard.

It wouldn’t happen again.

ARES is available from Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBooks stores and other retailers. Also available in paperback.

 Find all the links, a fantastic 4 chapter downloadable sample of the book, and also enter the giveaway and be in with a shot of winning a $75, $50 or $25 gift certificate at her website:

Books in the Guardians of Hades paranormal romance series:

Book 1: Ares

Book 2: Valen – Coming in 2017

felicityheatonAbout Felicity Heaton:

Felicity Heaton is a New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books. In her books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you’re a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.

If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, her best-selling Her Angel romance series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm romance series or any of her stand alone vampire romance books. If you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try her Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series. Or if you like hot-blooded alpha heroes who will let nothing stand in the way of them claiming their destined woman then try her Eternal Mates series. It’s packed with sexy heroes in a world populated by elves, vampires, fae, demons, shifters, and more. If sexy Greek gods with incredible powers battling to save our world and their home in the Underworld are more your thing, then be sure to step into the world of Guardians of Hades.

If you want to know more about Felicity, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:







Blog Tour For Private by Xavier Neal

Mogul or Monster?
Billionaire Weston Wilcox hasn’t been seen by the outside world in almost a decade. No face to face meetings. No interviews. No social media accounts. Despite his ghost demeanor he continues to financially flourish and make his fellow investors richer with every decision. Throughout the years many have sought to discover the man inside the mogul while others have spread legends painting him as a heartless monster consumed by greed. None of it matters to him. Weston’s true identity is secured away in his estate of solitude, which consists of the only people in the entire world he believes he can trust. That is until he’s asked to allow a guest access to the property under extreme circumstances. One he knows he shouldn’t. It doesn’t take long before his world is turned upside down, unexpected threats arise, and Weston’s forced to ask himself what really should be kept private?


Xavier Neal is an up and coming Author and Blogger. She lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing and reading. She loves Tex-mex, fandoms, and laughing. Feel free to spend her a message any time! 

Hosted by:


Release Blitz For Forbidden Kisses by Sha Renée

Title: Forbidden Kisses
Author: Sha Renée
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 2, 2016
Available on Kindle Unlimited

Layla is an enlisted member of the US Navy. On a weekend trip, she meets and grows close to the perfect guy. Her world is turned upside down when she later discovers he’s a Navy lieutenant. Military regulations prohibit personal relationships between officers and enlisted personnel. Is Layla strong enough to walk away from the only man to hold her heart?

She’s everything Lieutenant Ethan Parker wants, and during his darkest moment, Layla was everything he needed. Learning that a relationship with her is forbidden catapults the decorated officer into a place darker than the one she helped pull him from. Ethan is forced to choose between the profession that means everything to him and the woman he’s waited his entire life for.

Can military regulations separate lovers destined to be together?


This is a short quick read and begs the question is there away that these two people can get together and be on the up and up or do they have to keep hiding their relationship? You need to read this book. I can’t wait for the next book. I was received this book for a fair and honest review.
Connie Gives Forbidden Kisses
* * * *

“This was my first read of Sha Renee and I really enjoyed it! Some steamy sexy time, and some drama this made for quick read, and I give it 4.5 stars.” – MJ’s Book Blog and Reviews


“What a sweet short read this is. Well written, fast paced, easy to follow, and quite enjoyable. I was invested in the characters and their dilemmas.” – Lovetiggis I Love My Authors



I stood inside the small shack near the beginning of the flight line. Different colored vests hung on the walls along with over-the-head earmuffs, goggles and other safety equipment. Neat stacks of papers with Layla’s handwriting lay on the desk next to service manuals and a few extra pairs of ear protection.

I peered through the window onto the flight line and watched Layla with her students. The Airmen who trained here would eventually work as aircraft mechanics, electricians and a number of other positions in support of the Navy’s air fleet. Donned in earmuffs, protective eyewear and different colored vests they were going over aircraft launch procedures.

The brown vest Layla wore over her blue camouflage uniform designated her as the line member directing the plane – the one person the pilot focused on. One crew member manned the back of the aircraft. Two others stood on either side of the plane, next to the huge wheels. They waited for the signal to pull chocks. Once they received it, they’d retrieve the safety blocks surrounding the wheels so the plane could move forward. 

Layla wore confidence and authority as if they were the latest fashion trends. She gave the signal pull chocks – both hands extended in front of her at waist level, facing upward; when she moved her hands outward, both linemen unsecured the wheels by removing the chocks. Every step was well coordinated and performed according to standard procedure. One of the reasons I loved the military – uniform procedures for every task. Everything ran smooth and efficiently, down to the last detail. It’s what made us the best, and ultimately, what saved lives. 

Layla gave the all clear signal followed by the command to move forward and then slowly stepped backward. The plane advanced slowly according to Layla’s hand signals. 

It only took a few seconds for me to realize something was seriously wrong. Fuck. The lineman on the starboard wing hadn’t moved away from the plane. Didn’t he know he needed to haul ass after he pulled chocks? My heart began to pump wildly as the realization of impending disaster set in. When the plane turned, the discharge of exhaust and fire would blast the lineman, potentially killing him. 

Did Layla even see him? Why didn’t she say anything? Why didn’t she do anything to get him out of the way? I hastened toward the door, then back to the window. Even if I called out, no one would hear me over the roar of the engines. Shit. I needed to get out there. I had to save that kid’s life, save my team. Adrenaline shot through every muscle as I grabbed the earmuffs from the desk and raced outside. A slow trot increased to a sprint when I realized the plane was about to make it’s turn. Holy fuck. The kid stood there as if he was in a daze. What the fuck was he doing? I ran faster. My heart pounded fiercely. The plane began to rotate as Layla commanded. Shit. Shit. Shit. This kid was going to die on my watch.


Ethan thanked the host and picked up the microphone. and a hush settled over the room and all eyes were on Ethan. I expected him to choose a song and start singing, but instead, he addressed the audience. 

“I hope you’re all having a good time.” 

The crowd applauded. 

“You’re in for a treat this evening.” He looked directly at me and continued, “Visual as well as musical – as my girl, Layla takes the stage.” The crowd cheered instantly as Ethan extended a hand in my direction

“Come on up, Baby.”

In two gulps, I downed the remaining wine in my glass and joined Ethan on the stage. Although I loved music and enjoyed singing, I was nervous as hell.

“Ladies first.” Ethan whispered the words as he held the microphone out to me.  

“You’ll pay for this.” 

He flashed the sexiest, dimpled grin and at that exact moment, I knew I was in love with him.

“Get off my stage.”

“As you command, Beautiful.”

Within moments, my foot was tapping to the opening drum beat. My head bopped to the bass of the Pretenders’ Mystery Achievement. Hair swung about as I shimmied seductively and sang “On my mind, on my mind, on my mind.” My body came alive as the music surged through me. I rocked and wiggled and sang my heart out. Since I’d sung along with this song on numerous occasions, I knew every word and every stroke of the guitar. At the instrumental parts the audience participated by clapping along. By the end of the song, I was jumping up and down, making eye contact and connecting with the audience as I approached their tables and sang directly to them. At the final beat and the last fierce swing of my head, the audience roared. 

“Holy, fuck! That was orgasmic.” Laughter accompanied the applause. 

Ethan clapped the loudest and gave me a quick kiss. “I could get you a cigarette if you like.” 

I gave him a playful push as I handed him the microphone. 

From our table I watched Ethan’s performance. His eyes locked on mine as his song started. When he sang the first line in acapella, my heart laughed, danced and cried. The music started and the audience cheered. UB-40’s version of Can’t Help Falling In Love featured a slow reggae beat that everyone wanted to move to. I watched transfixed as he sang to me. Me. He was singing to me. Was he saying he was in love with me?

Ethan was beautiful and so darned sexy as his hips rocked to the reggae beat. He sang and danced like he could feel the music. As if it flowed through his body the way it did mine. His eyes, his movements and his words seduced me. As if he was making love to me, from right there on the stage. When he stepped off the stage and came close to our table, I swooned like a groupie. With a hand extended, he sang ‘take my hand’, and guided me to my feet. Like a professional performer, Ethan continued bellowing the smooth notes, rocking his hips while he held my hand. With a gentle hold, he pulled me close, guiding me to move to the sultry beat with him. When the music ended, everyone applauded.

“That was amazing!” 

“Ready to go?” He didn’t wait for my answer. Instead, he pulled out his wallet, left a few bills on our table, and ushered me out the door.

“That was so much fun! Why are we leaving already?”

“I want to hear you sing… in private.”


“What do you think?” Layla strutted and twirled like a runway model.

“Wow! You look amazing.” 

The slinky black dress was simple but elegant. Cut just low enough in the front to allow her breasts to tease, and low enough in the back to draw my eyes to her perfect curves. 

“I love it. This is the one.”

“I haven’t even tried the other one yet.”

“You can try it if you like, but this one gets my vote.” As Layla examined her reflection in the mirror, I placed my hand on her ass, sliding it up and down over the velvet fabric “If you do get this one, I won’t be able to keep my hands off you.”

Her luscious lips curved into a flirtatious smile. “Then maybe I will get it.” Her gaze flicked to the price tag. “Or maybe not. Ethan this dress is ridiculously expensive.”

“And you’re worth every penny.” 

“I should at least give you half. Or we can go to a less expensive store.”

It was time to put my foot down. “Layla! I’m buying the dress. Now go try on the other one if you want to, but we’re leaving here with one of them.”


“And when you’re done, pick out some shoes.”

She darted back to the fitting room.

“And lingerie,” I called after her. “Do you know they have panties that you can actually eat?”

While I waited for Layla to try on the second dress the sales clerk who’d helped us earlier showed me a necklace with matching earrings. “These will go nicely with whichever dress she chooses.” 

I looked over my shoulder to see if Layla was ready to model the next dress. She hadn’t come out yet, but what I did see caused a knot to form in the pit of my stomach. What. The. Fuck.  

My heart pounded, forcing panic through my veins with every beat. I stood paralyzed with fear as Commander Murphy strode right toward me. Where had he come from? What was he doing here? In a mall located several miles away from the base, I hadn’t considered the possibility of running into someone who knew us. What a stupid mistake. 

“Parker! How’s it going?” 

I shook his outstretched hand and prayed he didn’t notice the sweat on my palm.

“I’m good, Sir, how are you?”

“Not bad. What brings you to this neck of the woods?”

“Oh. I um… I’m picking up a gift. For a friend.” That not a lie… except Layla was much more than a friend. I tried to appear relaxed in spite of the alarming thoughts flooding my mind. Reduced pay, reduced rank, Captain’s Mast, dishonorable discharge, confinement. 

I stole a glance toward the fitting room, hoping Layla would stay put for a while. Please let the zipper be stuck.

A squeaky door hinge set me on edge. Holy shit. This was it. The end of my career.
Sha Renée is a native New Yorker who left home at the age of 17 to join the US Navy. She now lives in New Jersey where she creates stories on the pages where duty, honor and passion unite.

When she’s not writing, Sha enjoys listening to music while drinking either a cup of hot coffee or a glass of chilled wine. Some of life’s simple activities—such as walking through freshly fallen autumn leaves and watching bulldozers, diggers and other construction vehicles—entertain her. Sha also has a passion for photography, meeting people, and connecting with her readers.

Forbidden Kisses is Sha Renée’s first Military Romance. The story of Layla and Ethan continues in Off Base.

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Release Blitz For Arresting Desire by Shayla Black

Release Blitz For Arresting Desire by Shayla Black




About the Book:

In this short story from New York Times bestselling author Shayla Black, a sexy professor is looking for a lesson in love—and a hard-bodied FBI Agent is on the case.

Agent Jon Bocelli never stopped wanting beautiful professor Lucia DiStefano. She’s interested in taking her first lover, and he intends to be that man. But when her past puts her life in danger, Jon risks everything to save her and prove this fling is forever.

Includes a preview of the next Wicked Lovers novel, Holding On Tighter

Arresting Desire originally appeared in the anthology Hot in Handcuffs.